Sunday mornings.

at mission point, we view sunday mornings as the "huddle" before a big game. we know the point of a worship experience isn't just for the experience itself, but also to prepare us to live out our faith in the day to day. because of this, we've structured our sunday mornings a little different.

if you come on the first and third sundays of the month, mission point has both worship and teaching. we take the verse "when two or three are gathered in my name" seriously, so corporate worship is really important to us. as a result, our worship is simple, but impactful. after worship, we'll hear from one of our teaching speakers. we like to have a mix of sermon series that are topical (such as "the church is not a building") and sermon series that are expositional (like our series on mark, james, and deuteronomy).

the second and fourth sundays are reserved for "training sundays." for these sundays, worship looks a little different. sometimes we do a call and response, other times we sing a hymn. after, we sit at tables to discuss together the previous week's message using specific questions. given what we've heard, we reflect on "what is god saying" and then ask ourselves "what are we going to do about it?" these training sundays give us, as a community, an opportunity to corporately understand how god is leading us.

if there is a fifth sunday, we like to call those "grab bag sundays." this gives us some flexibility to have a guest speaker, a potluck after church, or anything else we might cook up.