About us.

when we look at how jesus, the disciples and the early church lived their lives, we see a pattern beginning to emerge. being the church was so much more than simply showing up for a service. for these early believers, it meant fundamentally changing how they lived their daily lives. it is this type of living that we've modeled mission point around, and we see it being played out in three distinct ways:

Follow Jesus.

we like to say that jesus was the best at everything. he was the best leader, the best teacher, the most compassionate and completely in tune with the father. when we model our lives directly after his, we become a people that desperately wants to hear the voice of the father. acts 2:46 tells us the early believers met daily in the temple to receive teaching. it is that kind of passionate spirituality we want in our church.


Share life.

we live in a world where people feel isolated from one another, even when attending the same church. we believe that god doesn't call us to go through the journey alone, but instead calls us to lock arms with one another. this means we can have fun watching a movie together on a saturday afternoon and it means having the freedom to say, "everything isn't okay." we want to function like an extended family and learn what it means to have radical community.


change the world.

it's an audacious bold statement, but we believe that's what god is calling us into. when jesus gave the great commission before leaving this world, he was essentially saying that he was going to partner with us to see god's kingdom come to fruition. this means that we have to actively share the good news with the people around us. whether it's with the barista at our favorite coffee shop, a co-worker, or someone in need, we want to see the twin cities transformed for god's mission.